Frequently Asked Questions

What are trash signs?

In the same way that “star signs” and constellations are popular in the mainstream, we wanted to raise awareness for space debris. So we created trash signs by connecting pieces of space debris.

Can I see these signs from Earth?

No. Unlike stars, debris has no light of its own, so they are not visible from Earth. That is why we created this initiative to give the problem of space debris more visibility.

Do the locations of these signs remain constant?

No, space debris pieces are constantly in motion, which is what makes them dangerous. We were able to capture these signs and document them with a time stamp.

What can I, as an individual, do about this?

Space is a common resource, so space matters must not be gatekept from anybody. The problem of space debris is complex and requires international cooperation and collaboration between private and public entities. But you, as a consumer and a citizen with the power to vote, should make yourself and your community aware of the problem. Learn more here.

I am an artist/scientist/educator/engineer interested in collaborating. How can I reach you?

We would love to work with you to amplify our message. Write to us at

Where did you get your data?

All satellite and debris information were sourced from the United States Space Surveillance Network’s public database and the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Satellite Database. You can find all our sources here.

Where can I report a data discrepancy?

We’d love to hear your feedback. We sourced all our data from publicly available information. If you would like to offer a correction, please reach out.

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